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Shell TapUp, January 2019


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A question that we often receive from our customers’ fleet managers is whether we are also bothered by that driver shortage. This question comes mainly from the transport sector, where the workload and the shortage of staff are both increasing.


Consumers have been used to it for years with the arrival of e-commerce companies: ordered today, delivered tomorrow. We see a similar trend in the business market. Deliveries are increasingly being made in smaller quantities, and more often in succession. Companies no longer maintain their own stock, but also ensure timely and smarter logistics. The disadvantage: more and more tasks are assigned to logistics staff that are not actually part of their core task. There are also more and more miles being driven on the road. Not everything can be digitized and there is a national shortage of logistics employees. Prices are not rising sufficiently to offset the increased costs for fuel and personnel; this means that profits in the transport sector are at the lowest level in years.

(These figures come from the latest business survey, which Transport and Logistiek Nederland carry out every quarter.)

Scarcity index shows the national problem

Tempo-Team brings data from different sources together every quarter and creates, exclusively for , a labour market scarcity index. The figures for the third quarter of 2018 show a deficit for all regions in the Netherlands, especially in Gouda the market is extremely tight. and Tempo Team indicate: Everywhere there is at least a ‘tight’ to ‘very tight’ market. In the third quarter of 2017, the Netherlands still had a ‘large’ labour market region and eight ‘average’ tight labour market regions. The whole of the Netherlands, therefore, looks red and dark red.

Outsource tasks to the right party

Up to now, at Shell TapUp we have had the good fortune that there are always enough applications to come and work with us. Shell TapUp’s Mobile Service Champions, as we call our drivers, go out every day to make the work of other drivers easier and more fun. Our Champions refuel the vehicles of our customers on location so that the drivers no longer have to do this themselves. For the driver, this means No more detours to the right gas station and no more waiting in line for your turn. For the company, it means fewer miles on the road and more efficient use of the fleet, reducing fuel costs. In addition, less time is spent on an activity that does not belong to the core tasks of the company. And that is where the real profit is!

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