Expansion of our own fleet: Welcome Duco!

Stacey Monteiro (MSC), September 2018


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Welcome Duco!

While the sparrows fell off the roofs and the whole of the Netherlands was on tropical grids in August, the team of Shell TapUp worked on a special expansion: the arrival of the newest car from the fleet.

As you know by now, our vehicles Chuck, Jessica and Letti cars are electric vehicles that move easily through the center of Rotterdam and refuel business fleets efficiently whenever it suits them.

Our ambition is to move as quickly as possible to the motorways in order to serve new service areas. From our workshop in Rotterdam, we have therefore developed a new vehicle with which we can cover greater distances and thus increase our reach. Good news for the companies that have established their fleet or distribution center in South Holland. We are on our way!

Our Mobile Service Champions who drive our cars are also very happy with the arrival of Duco.

Stacey Monteiro: ‘Spending eight hours behind a computer is not my thing. The diversity and variety of this company is great. When you think about it, a day at Shell TapUp is never the same. I started out as a Service Champion to help the Mobile Service Champion and be trained to become one myself. Now, I have my ADR* certificate and I am training colleagues myself. Last week I met Duco; this little monster is our latest vehicle, next to the three electric inner0city vehicles we have today. It is an honor to be a part of this new way of fueling. Together with Duco, we can help more customers become more productive and sustainable.’

*The ADR certificate is an European  is een Europees recognized certificate of professional competence to transport dangerous goods within Europe.  

Together with Duco, we can help more customers become more productive and sustainable Stacey Monteiro, Mobile Service Champion

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