How hotelschool prepped me for my career at Shell TapUp

Merel Vis (CEM), juli 2018



  • Group 4 golden tips for the ideal customer experience

“How does a graduate hotel student end up in fuel delivery activities?” That is a very good question. I have to admit that I, Merel Vis, never really thought about it. The two have many similarities that make it feel like a smooth transition.

But what are these similarities?

1. Customer focus

The essence of hospitality management is always to keep the customer in mind as a company. That is exactly what I am aiming for at Shell TapUp: thinking about new and innovative ways to resolve customer frictions and to lighten their days. Our motto is to create an ideal customer experience. Every day we think about how we can reduce the effort of our customers and how we can support their companies even better.

2. Understand your business

Hotelschool offers a varied theoretical and practical range of subjects. The idea behind this is that you cannot manage people in a position or activity if you have not done it yourself. You will never ask your team to clean a room within eight minutes if you take 20 minutes yourself. With that idea in mind, I followed every possible training and obtained the certificates to be allowed to drive our own car as a Service Champion (driver). Not only am I very proud to be the first female Service Champion at Shell TapUp, but I also have the feeling that I can understand the responsibilities and wishes of our Service Champions much better.




My motto: creating the ultimate customer experience Merel Vis, Customer Experience Manager

3. Happy employees = happy customers

Hospitality is a two-way street: you have customers on the one hand and your own employees on the other. Happy employees mean happy customers! The better you engage (or maintain) your own people to do their work, the more they can continue that service mindset to customers. That’s why I tell our developers from my own experience: “When designing the app, keep in mind that every unnecessary step is one too many if someone has to use the app in the rain or at -5 degrees.”

4. Don’t tap all beers yourself

Understanding the product, service and customer friction is crucial for building a successful business. The challenge, however, is not to get caught up in the operation. You need to find the right people who can do that, so that you can continue to build the business yourself. Don’t tap all beers yourself, but find a good bartender who can run the bar.

We now have a great team of certified Service Champions who serve our customers daily. But I have to admit that sometimes I miss my shifts on the vehicle..

Every day I learn something about creating the ultimate customer experience. Do you have more tips, interesting articles or even an inspiring contact person for me? Let me know!


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