Shell GTL at Willems VGO: faster and cleaner

Willems VGO, November 2018


Shell GTL on your location?

  • Group It's cleaner in the city
  • Group No worries about refuelling

Cleaner cleaning in the city centre

In November the time had come: the first deliveries to our new client Willems Vastgoedonderhoud has begun. According to our own drivers a very nice customer to serve because of the daily route that varies and the nice interaction with the employees on the aerial platforms. Furthermore, a nice step towards cleaner cleaning for both Shell TapUp and Willems Vastgoedonderhoud. The aerial platforms will now be running on Shell GTL Fuel, a cleaner alternative to diesel in the city centre. Also available, HVO45 en HVO100. More info about this sustainable fuel available here.

They don't have to fuel their machinery manually anymore Jos van Lammeren, Mobile Service Champion

Jos van Lammeren, Mobile Service Champion at Shell TapUp: Before, the construction workers would use a jerrycan and a pump to fuel the machinery. This is a physically demanding job, which also takes up a lot of time. Now that we come by every week, they can continue their core tasks without this manual labour. Especially the fact that they don’t have to lift these jerrycans anymore, is something these workers appreciate the most!



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