5 reasons why working at Shell TapUp as a driver is awesome

Shell TapUp, January 2019

Service Champions!

Service Champions!


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A question that we often receive from our customers is how we manage to keep drivers engaged within our company. This question often comes from the transport sector, where the workload and the shortage of staff are both increasing.


We also increasingly speak to companies that have developed new methods to recruit drivers. A number are participating in the ikwordvrachtwagenchauffeur.nl campaign of the Transport and Logistics Sector Institute. This institute created a subsidy to train new drivers via transfer and side-entry. We have also seen a number of innovative recruitment campaigns, such as Simon Loos with # 100 days # 100 drivers. They show what the work really entails through blogs, vlogs and the possibility to spend a day on the road with a driver. Martin Pastink from Nijhof-Wassink especially notes that they want to stay ahead in this labour market. ‘We work on innovative solutions for flexible working, among other things. As an employer, it is important to keep up with modern times. “ Nijhof-Wassink started a pilot with the Ministry of Defence last year to exchange drivers during peak and off-peak moments.

Shell TapUp cooperates with Unique and organises recruitment days at the Shell TapUp workshop location in Rotterdam. Here new employees can see our TapUp vehicles and immediately get a taste of the atmosphere of our operation.


Up to now, we have been lucky enough to have enough applications to come and work with us. The question we get the most from the business community is: why do drivers come to you?


The most important thing to say is that we don’t actually recruit drivers. We are looking for Mobile Service Champions: the forefront of our service. With us, you, therefore, need to have an affinity with service, customer contact and teamwork. This is a greater responsibility than perhaps the average driver’s job entails. We do not compromise on quality; our Champions must be suitable and motivated. As the face of Shell TapUp, they relieve our business customers by taking the fueling process out of their hands completely. Our Champion fills vehicles at the customer’s business location when the fleet is idle. This saves time on the customer side because their driver no longer has to drive to the gas station and no longer has to do the refuelling himself.


An important aspect of working at Shell TapUp is that we fully integrate into the customer’s business process. Refuelling takes place when the vehicles are stationary; timeslots can be different for every customer. Our Mobile Service Champions, therefore, have fairly varied work that takes place during the day, but also in the evening or in the weekends. The shifts are divided into blocks of at least 4 hours. This fits in better with the private situation of employees. Lourens Bouter (Champion): ‘This brings me structure and predictability! In addition, it is very nice to drive relatively short distances and spend a lot of time with the customer. “


Because our company is still relatively small, it is important to employ people who can contribute to the culture of the company. Everyone knows the mission of the company and everyone feels the room to adjust if we deviate from course. With us, Champions are free to build the standards and values ​​of our company together. As a platform, there is a weekly Operations meeting in which they give their input and make suggestions for improvement. The mistakes made are also discussed here. You are allowed to make mistakes and you must learn from them. Only in this way can we remain a learning organisation with an open culture. Stacey Montero (Champion): “The innovative and dynamic nature of the company really appeals to me.” This has a positive effect on motivation, absenteeism and turnover. In addition, building a new company also has the advantage that many opportunities for growth will arise.


The Champions of Shell TapUp are offered a training course to learn how to drive in the TapUp vehicle. In addition, they also get their ADR basic driving license at the expense of Shell TapUp. Again, the following also applies: we do not compromise on quality. The Champions who are suitable and motivated will stay with us to help build a new infrastructure for the delivery of alternative fuels.


We drive around with fuels, so the safety of our people and our environment is paramount. Because the Champions know this, they feel known and appreciated as the face of our services. The Shell TapUp Golden Rules are discussed every week during the Operations meeting. We evaluate the practical cases of the past week and refine where necessary. This way we keep each other safe!

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