In this policy, we use the term ‘cookies’ as a reference to cookies and comparable technologies that are regulated by the EU-guidelines for privacy in electronic communication

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file saved by your browser or mobile device. The cookie ‘remembers’ your actions or preferences.

Most browsers support cookies. Users can configure their settings in such a way, that specific cookie or set of cookies are refused. Cookies can also be deleted at any given time.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to find out how you respond to the content of our website and to improve your visit to our website. For instance, to remember your language preference, so you only have to make that choice once. We also use cookies to know where you are in the world so that we can show you the nearest Shell TapUp service area.

We also offer you specific content based on the cookies, like videos. We can also use the cookie information to target advertisements on third-party websites.

What kind of cookies do we use?                                               


Own cookies and third-party cookies.

We use our own, as well as third party cookies.

Our own cookies, from Shell TapUp domains, are mainly used to support language preference, location or to support the basic functions of the website.

Third-party cookies are and are maintained by third parties such as partners or suppliers of Shell TapUp. These cookies help us to show forms, and support advertisements outside our own domain.

Session cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookies used to remember your visit to our website. They are no longer used when you close your browser.

Permanent cookies

Permanent cookies are used to remember your preferences within our website and stay on your device even after you close your browser or restart your device. We use these to analyze visitor behaviour and find patterns so that we can improve your customer experience and measure the effect of changes made.

How do we use cookies for advertising?

Cookies and technology such as web beacons, pixels, and anonymous ad-tags help us to show you relevant ads. They also help us collect the right data to evaluate the effect of the ads. Thanks to the pixels we place onto the website, we can improve the way we show ads to you and we’ll know if you’ve already seen it. Your browser requests these ads from the ad server.

We do not use cookies to profile your browse behaviour on other websites, but we do use third party data to show you personalized ads. The data we collect, we will never share with others. You can change the way you want to receive personalized ads in the Preferences of your browser.

How do we use third-party cookies?

For some functionalities in our websites, we use external support, for instance with an enclosed video link to YouTube. These video’s and/or links can also contain third party cookies. We recommend that you also take a look at their privacy policy for information on the use of their cookies.

How can I refuse and remove cookies?

You can refuse or block our Shell TapUp cookies, by clicking on the cookie preferences of our website.

When it comes to your browser: You can change your preferences in your browser. Most browser will accept cookies automatically. If you do not want this, you will need to remove or blocks them yourself.

If you refuse our cookies, you will still be able to visit our website, however, some of the functionality might not work properly.

At you will find more information about cookies. By using our website without refusing or removing specific or all cookies, you agree that we place the cookies that you have not removed or refused. 



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Tracing cookies Adobe

We use Adobe Analytics to track how users come to our website and how these use our website. This information is used to improve our website. Adobe also uses this cookie to see which content you’ve visited, so that they can target ads more specifically.


Atlas-tags help us measure the results of ads for different devices, browsers and publishers.


The Universal Event Tracking-tag by Bing Ads gives us information regarding the performance of Bing-ads by tracking the click from the ad and then on the Shell TapUp site

DoubleClick Floodlight

We use DoubleClick Floodlight cookies to confirm whether you have completed certain actions on our website, after clicking on an ad that was shown to you through DoubleClick. DoubleClick uses this cookie to check which content you visited on our website, to offer more personalized ads.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to see how our media campaign is doing and how you respond to our websites so that we improve your customer experience.

Tracking cookies  Google

With Google tracker cookies we can track whether you have completed certain actions on our website, after clicking on a Google ad. Based on the content you have seen, Google can target ads to you on other websites.


Facebook helps you keep in touch with your network. We make it easier for you to share content on Facebook. Sometimes we’ll show you ads on Facebook, based on your use of our website.


The LinkedIn Insight Tag allows us to create reports and gain valuable insights on the visitors of our website, which came from Linkedin.


We enclose video’s from Youtube or add links to Youtube on our website. When you click on a video, you will also have to accept the cookies from Youtube.



Hotjar helps us gain insight into visitor behaviour by creating anonymous ‘visitor recordings’, to help us improve our website for its visitors