The future of the fleet: ultimate efficiency or digital disruption?

Shell, February 2019

Future of the Fleet

Future of the Fleet

  • Group How the fleet may look like in 2040
  • Group Evolution or revolution?

Future of the fleet

The retail, entertainment and travel industry have gone through a radical change due to new technologies. Traditional industries have been shaken by new players such as Amazon, Netflix and Expedia.

The commercial vehicle sector has experienced relatively little change so far, with the exception of a few minor improvements. But this won’t last long. The industry will be transformed by an amalgamation of new technologies, services and greater connectivity. New skills will become a requirement and new players and business models will see the light of day.

This report, based on extensive interviews with 750 fleet managers in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, is a guide to the trends that will affect and transform the fleet of today and the upcoming years. The report contains the information you need to respond to the coming changes, so that you can optimally use the associated opportunities.

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Future of the Fleet