Our advanced alternative fuels produce cleaner engines and long-lasting durability. Read why Shell FuelSave Diesel, Shell GTL Fuel, HVO Fuel and Shell AdBlue® help reduce operating costs and emissions.


The use of sustainable, alternative fuels in the European transport- and logistics sector is a hot topic. Companies are interested and willing to start their energy transition, however, the practical possibility to switch to a different kind of fuel isn’t there yet. Why? Because the network of fuelling stations is only slowing moving towards offering alternative fuels. At Shell TapUp we strongly feel this needs to change!

Shell TapUp has one mission: to accelerate the energy transition by making these alternative fuels more available. We fuel vehicles on location, which makes it easier for companies to switch fuels. Even more so, because their own drivers don’t have to take time out of their schedule to fuel anymore. This creates the business case to actually switch to an alternative fuel without having to invest. Win-win if you ask us.

Of course, we understand that not every vehicle in your fleet will be able to switch to an alternative. That’s why we still offer a wide range of fuels. This way, we can accommodate your fleet with whatever energy it might need, today and tomorrow.


Shell FuelSave Diesel is the economical diesel by Shell. It increases the reliability of your vehicles and reduces operating costs.


Shell GTL Fuel, a drop-in fuel made from natural gas, burns cleaner than conventional diesel and therefore produces less emission.


HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel is a synthetic biofuel made from biomass and suitable for driving existing diesel vehicles.


AdBlue® is a in water resolvable fluid, especially developed to treat fumes and help vehicles to conform to the emission norms.