Our mission

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Our mission

Shell TapUp has one mission: to accelerate the energy transition by delivering alternative fuels to your fleet.

The world around us is changing, especially when it comes to mobility. Ordering a shared taxi ride via an app, fully electric driving, self-driving cars and urban environmental zones; they are four examples of the major changes that are currently taking place. Technology and sustainability go hand in hand and offer new solutions to make our society more sustainable.

That’s what we want! At Shell TapUp we want to accelerate the energy transition by delivering alternative fuels on location. We strongly believe that service and innovation go hand in hand. You no longer refuel yourself; fuel is delivered to you. We call it ‘Fuelling as a service’. And because the fuels we bring to you are becoming cleaner and more sustainable, we are making a lasting impact on our society. Hence our promise: Shell TapUp, Fuelling Impact!



Today we deliver GTL and diesel. We offset all our own CO₂ emission and are one step closer to a new energy source every day



Our operation is built on technology that will help us scale internationally



Our company culture is all about service and innovation. It’s not just a delivery service, it’s always more!

A corporate start-up with a focus

Shell TapUp was established in 2016 with the mission to accelerate the energy transition by making alternative fuels available in the market. We have built our start-up around five questions so that we could take the right steps with full focus.

In the first year, we asked ourselves two questions: Can we do this safely? And can we do this legally? We started small, testing small transactions with an MVP version of our car, a kind of fuel trolley. At the same time, we entered into an open dialogue with the right authorities to gain support and approval for our service. In the concept of our service, we take human and environment into account above all else.

The second-year was dominated by a large pivot that answered whether we could find a product-market fit. Where Shell TapUp originally entered the market as a B2C fuel delivery service, the market soon demanded that we would roll out our service for companies with larger fleets. These companies wanted to improve their productivity by outsourcing the fuelling process.

The third-year was all about scalability and profitability. After a successful pilot phase in Rotterdam and a proven product-market fit, we started serving our customers on a national level. Two TapUp hubs have also been opened in America. At the same time, our own start-up is becoming increasingly efficient, which means that, in combination with our national coverage, we are able to add more and more alternative fuels to our range.

Now we are taking another exciting step as Shell TapUp will stop activities in the Netherlands but will continue their journey in the UK.

Our trip

Every now and then we look back on our accomplishments.

ShellTapup Houston Live

Start Shell TapUp

May 2016

Create MVP for fuel delivery



Pilot in Rotterdam for B2C

May 2017

Pivot from B2C to B2B

August 2017

Addition of Shell GTL Fuel

May 2018

Scaling in B2B

July 2018

Fleet expanded with Ducato’s

December 2018

Shell TapUp Houston live

January 2019

TapUp offers CO₂ compensation

January 2019

Own delivery platform completely digital

March 2019

Opening TapUp in Seattle

April 2019


Addition of HVO (biofuel)

November 2019

Shell TapUp stops operating in the Netherlands

March 2020

Shell TapUp continues in the UK

April 2020

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next step

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and the next

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and we continue..

until we reach our goal >>

ShellTapup Houston Live

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Our team

Shell TapUp is a successful corporate start-up, aiming for an acceleration of the energy transition. What started out with a handful of people and a dream, is now a company of energetic people.

We have developed our own vehicles, our technical architecture and are sourcing for new alternative fuels. But most of all, we spend every day delivering excellent service to our customers by having the best drivers of the world!

Meet the team

The people behind Shell TapUp

That extra step for our customers, that's what it's about! Customer Experience Manager Shell TapUp