Because this change is very broad, it might be best to first understand which groups are exempt from the change:

  • Agriculture, forestry, and fish farming
  • Rail vehicles
  • Non-commercial heating and power generation (places of worship, hospitals, townhalls, off-the-grid homes, and non-propulsion uses for houseboats)
  • Boating and sailing for commercial industry or private use (except pleasure craft in Northern Ireland)
  • Traveling circuses and fairs
  • Amateur sports clubs and golf courses

Most industries, however, will need to change from off-road diesel to white diesel or alternative fuels, including:

  • Construction and road maintenance
  • Logistics and haulage
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Waste management
  • Commercial heating
  • Leisure
  • Airport operations
  • Ports
  • Manufacturing

If your business is impacted, the most important things to do are:

  • Abide by all government requirements as updated on the UK government website
  • Research fueling alternatives
  • Find alternative fueling sources


The main goal of the red diesel policy change is to encourage the use of fossil-free and eco-friendly fuels. With Shell TapUp’s mobile fuel delivery service we can bring advanced alternative fuels that produce cleaner engines and long-lasting durability to your vehicles. Read why Shell FuelSave Diesel, Shell GTL Fuel, and HVO Fuel help reduce operating costs and emissions.

  • Gas-to-liquid (GTL) fuel — Made from natural gas, Shell GTL fuel produces fewer pollutants in both on-road and off-road vehicles. It is a paraffinic fuel that decreases clogging and reduces your fleet’s total emissions.
  • Shell FuelSave Diesel — Shell developed this fuel to ignite faster than other diesels while removing carbon deposits from fuel injectors and preventing future build-up, which increases your fuel economy and vehicle reliability.
  • Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) — HVO fuel is a synthetic biofuel made from biomass and suitable for driving existing diesel vehicles. The fuel is fossil-free and biodegradable. With HVO you can save up to 89% CO2 in the entire chain.

More Information

Learn more about alternative fueling options, including fuel suitability and delivery for vehicles, contact Shell TapUp today.