Shell TapUp was established in 2016 to accelerate the energy transition by enabling a flexible infrastructure for the delivery of alternative fuels. By making alternative fuels available, we can help business users accelerate the reduction of their CO2-emissions.

The 3 major steps we have taken so far:

  • Development of the flexible infrastructure and our own vehicle for fuel delivery, with which we take miles off the road and thereby reduce CO2-emissions
  • Development of our service model whereby we ourselves drive as few miles as possible through efficient planning and delivery
  • We also run-on alternative fuel, namely Shell GTL and offer HVO fuel.

And today we take the next step: we drive CO2-neutrally ourselves and can also offer this to our customers! In line with our mission to accelerate the energy transition, we are now running our own operation carbon neutral. By investing in projects to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, we create CO2 certificates that compensate for our CO2-emissions. We invest in three projects, one in Kenya, one in Indonesia and one in Peru, where we help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by planting trees and protecting forests.


With CO2 compensation programs, forest projects measure how much CO2 has been absorbed. The project receives a certificate with a unique serial number for every tonne of CO2. This serial number is assigned to the party that compensates for CO2-emissions. The unique number prevents a certificate from being used multiple times.

Shell is involved in CO2 compensation projects around the world. The projects are part of Shell’s Nature Based Solutions program and are certified by the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) and CCB (Climate, Community & Biodiversity) Standard. VCS is the most widely used standard for CO2 compensation projects worldwide. The CCB Standard ensures that projects also support local communities and preserve or improve biodiversity. 

Together, we are making an impact on CO₂ reduction today!

Shell TapUp


Of course, we think it is a good step to drive CO2 neutrally ourselves, but we think it is even better to be able to offer the same to our customers. We have recently been doing this! What does this mean in concrete terms? Every liter of fuel that we deliver to customers on location can also be delivered CO2 compensated for Tank – to – Wheel emissions. By Tank – to – Wheel we mean the emissions that are caused by burning fuel during the use of the vehicle. We sign a contract for this and ensure that these liters are also included in Shell’s Nature Based Solutions program. Shell Trading is responsible for purchasing the CO2 certificates and the costs for this are added to the liter price that we have agreed.