Rotterdam is ambitious. The municipality wants a completely emission-free fleet by 2030. City management, which manages numerous (lease) vehicles, plays an important role in this. Frans Bremer van Roteb Lease says: ‘We are constantly looking at how our fleet can be made more sustainable. Many of our vehicles are already running on GTL. That is a fuel that burns cleaner than normal diesel and therefore produces less air pollution.‘

But with GTL, they ran into a problem in some parts of the city. Team leader City Cleaning Linda van Buuren: “The sweepers at the Charlois yard had to make a detour for a service station where GTL is available. That took at least 40 minutes per vehicle, every two days”. A problem that was tackled by a collaboration with Shell TapUp.


Shell TapUp is the first company in the Netherlands to refuel vehicles on location, as often as the customer wants. The underlying goal: to make sustainable fuels available to everyone quickly. TapUp’s services are in line with the objectives of City Management. Manager of the Cleaning Team Charlois Enrico Zwaard: “That is why we started a pilot at our site in Charlois. Shell TapUp came to refuel our special vehicles daily with Shell GTL Fuel “.

In the beginning, it took some getting used to, Linda recalls: “Especially that we no longer had to drive to the petrol station ourselves. And that we had to park our cars on-site in such a way that the Shell TapUp vehicle could easily reach them’. But it soon turned out that the collaboration mainly benefits us, so we will surely continue using this service after the pilot. In addition to the special vehicles, rigid trucks have now also been added to the Shell TapUp schedule.” Shell TapUp’s services are now running very smoothly and we are very satisfied,” notes Linda.


What do the services of Shell TapUp bring us? We zoom in on the sweepers. Linda: ‘Previously, the rest of the sweeping team had little to do when the vehicle was gone to refuel. Such a waste.” This issue has now been resolved. Enrico: “Our drivers can stay longer in the neighbourhood to clean and have more time to brush. So, the teams are a lot more productive.” In a period of twenty weeks, this yielded 414 extra brush hours. And, including the trucks, the city saved 4,140 kilometres driven by not having to drive back and forth to the pump. A boost for efficiency and sustainability.


Shell TapUp will offer more sustainable fuels in addition to GTL in the future and now already offers HVO. Does City Management look further than just GTL? Frans: Certainly! We strongly believe in a circular Rotterdam. The municipality is already in contact with several parties that could supply biofuel. The major advantage of Shell TapUp is the distribution network, so we know for sure that they can actually deliver the fuel”. Frans, enthusiastic: “We hope that more government agencies take a pioneering role in the energy transition.”


City Management is very satisfied with the cooperation with and the results of Shell TapUp. That is why Shell TapUp is now supplying fuel to multiple locations. Linda: “We will soon start at the Bosland shipyard. We’ll start the same as with Charlois: first the slow vehicles and then the trucks. “

The next step? That is the Centre location. Enrico: “Shell TapUp is mainly going to refuel trucks there. Not the slow vehicles, because they can refuel after their shift in the neighbourhood.” Frans: “We deliberately choose Shell TapUp only if we can prevent driving movements.” An attitude that fits exactly with the sustainable mission of Shell TapUp.

Fuelling at Municipality of Rotterdam
Rotterdam and Shell TapUp